Thank you for visiting our website. Well-Spring Psychiatry, P.C. staff would like to welcome you. Mental Health and Substance Abuse are prevalent factors facing many individuals in our community. Well-Spring Psychiatry and Dr. Conlon work with individuals who have mental illness as well as substance abuse concerns. Dr. Conlon has 20+ years experience in the mental and behavioral health. Office hours are by appointment only. 

Well-Spring Psychiatry, P.C. is a small privately owned practice in Traverse City, Michigan. Well-Spring is a place to begin your journey to wellness. We utilize a positive strengths based approach to assisting those with mental health and/or substance abuse concerns in their lives.  We look forward to walking beside you on your path to wellness.

Suboxone Treatment Program Information:

All prospective patients will be required to sign a controlled medication and treatment program contract. Expectations of our program will include that you will attend 2-3 meetings per week of NA, AA, or SMART Recovery during the course of your treatment, and that you are to refrain from alcohol and stimulants including those prescribed: Adderall, Concerta, Focalin, Ritalin, and marijuana even if you have a medical marijuana card.

Cost of treatment will begin with your initial fee of $315.00 that is required prior to making your first appointment. The initial fee covers your first two appointments, typically days one and two of your induction. At your second appointment it is required that you pay $100.00 to cover your following 1-week appointment fee. All treatment sessions are paid for in advance, so when you advance to your 2-week appointment you will be paying $100.00 to cover the cost of your first group appointment, and so on. Our group therapy sessions meet once every four weeks (weather/holiday permitting) and you will be placed either on a Tuesday, or Thursday rotation. 

You must be in active withdrawal, unless you are currently taking a routine dose of buprenorphine. 24 hours without opiates, and at least 48 hours without methadone.